Referral Rewards

More fun and better money than a part time job!

KarMART we realize that our best form of advertising is our satisfied customers, YOU! The highest form of flattery we can earn is a referral of a family member, neighbor, co-worker or friend.

Because of this, KarMART has developed a program to thank you for sharing your positive experiences and recommending them to buy at KarMART. We are committed to treat your referrals with the same level of respect and dedication we gave you.

Our team is excited about having you endorse us with your family, friends, and co-workers. We will work hard to make everyone have a happy experience! Just think, successfully referring someone 2-3 times a month and you could receive $2400 to $3600 or more a year! That is our way of saying, Thank You!

When you refer us a new friend, we will reward you with $100. Of course, we do require that your referral mention the fact that you referred them during the time of their first visit. We will pay all referral rewards once the vehicle is purchased, delivered, and we are paid by the customer or lending institution. BEST PRACTICE - The best way to secure your KarMART Referral Reward is to contact us directly with the contact information of your new referral. This is the best way to ensure there is no confusion on "how they heard about the dealership." This also allows your referral to be introduced to your existing sales team member. EARN DOUBLE REWARDS!

If you would like to earn DOUBLE REWARDS ($200 each referral!), then simply visit the dealership with your referral on their first visit and purchase. Help us explain our process, and introduce them to your sales team member. We will DOUBLE the Referral Reward to $200 since you are now helping with doing most of the hard work and heavy lifting!